EOLO – Kometa starting to take shape for 2021

EOLO – Kometa is the team lead by Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso. Both sponsors have been secured for at least 3 years with a guaranteed budget increase each year according to Wielerflits.

They are building the team mainly with young riders and have ambition to grow. Their sponsors are both focussed on the Italian market, Kometa is based in Hungary and EOLO in Italy.

That’s why their main goal is securing a Giro invite, especially the 2022 Giro is a big goal for them as its starts in Budapest (Hungary). The rest of their program will likely consist of mostly Italian and Spanish races.

Key riders for 2021 are new signings; Luca Wackermann, he is a strong allrounder who has proved himself on the highest level. Unfortunately he crashed in the 2020 Giro due to a helicopter flying too low and as a result of that blowing a fence onto the road causing the crash. He is still recovering at the moment but should be their main rider for the classics and hilly races once the 2021 season kicks off.

Albanese has done 3 full seasons as a professional rider but he still is only 24. He hasn’t improved much with age though. His previous team, Bardiani, isn’t the best place for talents so that might be a reason. At EOLO-Kometa he may be able to dream again of some victories. Same story goes for Ravasi, quite big climbing talent but wasn’t able to make the much needed last step to become a WT – level rider.

Most promising talent at this team might be Alessandro Fancellu, rumours say he had secured a 3-year contract at Trek – Segafredo but when the news dropped EOLO – Kometa was able to continue and make the step to the PCT level he quickly changed his mind! Being guided by names like Alberto Contador, Ivan Basso and Sean Yates must be a dream for many and I can definetly see this team attract a lot of talent.

Manuel Belletti and Francesco Gavazzi bring much needed experience to the squad. Both pack a punch but short explosive efforts are first to fade once age kicks in. I personally think they will take the supportive role.

Known riders for 2021 (alphabetical):

  1. Vincenzo Albanese (24)
  2.  Davide Bais (22)
  3.  Manuel Belletti (35)
  4.  Márton Dina (24)
  5.  Alessandro Fancellu (20)
  6.  Erik Fetter (20)
  7.  Mattia Frapporti (26)
  8.  Sergío García (21)
  9.  Francesco Gavazzi (36)
  10.  Arturo Grávalos (22)
  11.  Luca Pacioni (27)
  12.  Edward Ravasi (26)
  13.  Samuele Rivi (22)
  14.  Alejandro Ropero (22)
  15.  Diego Pablo Sevilla (24)
  16.  Daniel Viegas (22)
  17.  Luca Wackermann (28)

What do you think, will EOLO – Kometa become one of the most exciting PCT teams and secure a Giro invitation?

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